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Our adventure courses are beautiful, fun, reliable, and respectful of the environment!

Since our founding, we have been specialized in creating leisure parks in trees, on stilts, and on rocks. We use state-of-the-art technology to build innovative adventure courses and provide you with efficient equipment that respects the environment.
Whatever your terrain and whatever type of project you have in mind, our workshops will build a course that fits the physical and environmental constraints of your project. We pay special attention to the environment in making technical choices—all while fully respecting safety regulations.
We advise you according to the type of clientèle you are targeting, because having a course that is adapted to the capacity of your clients is fundamental. That's why we make a clear difference between courses for children and for adults. Each category is provided with several intermediate difficulty levels.

Our tree houses are your dream-come-true!

The natural extension to building adventure courses is, of course, building tree houses. What could be better than extending an adventure course by a night of adventure high up in the trees? We are experts in building out-of-the-ordinary things in elevated places in trees or on stilts. But we can also build on the ground using the best materials and techniques that respect the environment.
There are so many different types of materials, building techniques, and reasons to build a tree house... but for Indiana’ventures, the hardest part is having to choose! Our teams are available to help you define the details of the project that best fits your needs: from the simplest tree house from your childhood dreams to the most sophisticated tree house for tech-lovers, and even tree houses for spa addicts with a sauna and hot tub! Everything is possible!

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Our teams take into account the overall safety factors in adventure courses and tree houses when planning installation maintenance. As safety is your and our top priority, we provide maintenance for the leisure parks and accommodations we build in order to prevent risks as much as possible and to ensure total serenity in your business. Whether we repair parts of an element—such as replacing a rope or cable—or replace an entire element, our teams provide advice and recommendations throughout the year.

Maintenance on an adventure course makes it possible to update installations in order to offer clients new elements and to maintain your park's and your accommodation's attractiveness.

Respecting the environment, mainly the flora the elements use as support systems, means bringing special care to platform maintenance. It is fundamental to take into account the tree's growth cycle by adapting the platform to its natural development.
A second important aspect is phytosanitary tree inspections. This inspection, performed on an element support system or a tree house, is fundamental in verifying the solidity of the construction.

You have a legal requirement to ensure the perfect condition of your personal protective equipment once a year. Once again, we can assist you in these inspections as we are accredited to do so by the local authorities. This accreditation also covers other regulatory obligations you may be subject to.

Having trained personnel is obviously something you need to operate your site safely and efficiently. We provide training specifically adapted to your needs that takes into account your local rules and obligations.


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